Sunday, August 2, 2009


My Iron Tamer blog has moved!
The new site is

see you over there...........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Did you miss RKC Level Two this year?

Then HERE is your next chance to go......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off to the beach.....

As I write this, I am waiting for the last leg of my connecting flight to Florida, where I plan to rock a whole lotta lying on the beach.

Vermont was awesome, thanks soooooo much to Ben Warstler and all the attendees for making it such a great workshop and weekend.

I am unsure about internet access while I am on vacation, so I'll sign off now and be back for sure the week of July 27th.

Train hard and stay safe.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Some photos from the road

Here we are, after day one in Atlanta, Kenneth Jay MRKC, Danny Evans, Sara Cheatham Sr. RKC and me. Thanks Danny for the pic!
In Medina Ohio last weekend, Doug Nepodal Sr.RKC and myself helping Pat find depth in squat, despite "bone on bone" in his hip.

In Ohio, rocking the pink bandana, Axl Rose style.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Tour Continues

I hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend.

I wrapped up two-day kettlebell workshop with Kenneth Jay Master RKC and Senior RKC Sara Cheatham in Atlanta yesterday. It was a great weekend and I want to thank all the participants and especially Delaine Ross, RKCII and Stephen Belan RKCII for hosting an excellent event. It was a great way to spend the 4th of July.

This Saturday, July 11th I meet up with Senior RKC Doug Nepodal in Medina Ohio for an advanced kettlebell workshop at Better Bodies of Medina.

Do you want the chance to train with not one, but TWO Senior RKC instructors? See you in Ohio.....

Friday, July 3, 2009


......what a week! I have been running so ragged that I haven't had time to blog.

First off- congrats to everyone at RKC Level 2. It was an awesome weekend and great to see old friends and meet new ones. Thank you all for everything. It is amazing what a pool of talent we have in our organization.

So I get home on Monday with my Danish house guest, MRKC Kenneth Jay. We spent the week immersing him in southern culture, teaching him proper southern slang like "I'm stronger than all y'all". He's a quick study. On Thursday we drove to Memphis and visited Graceland, the home of the king. I have had a bit of a cough, something I picked up from the Dane.

Now we are in Atlanta, getting ready for tomorrow's workshop. Mandy is along with me for this one, so it is extra cool. Hopefully a little nyquil will get my strength back.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Where you going next Dave???

Lotsa travel in the next few weeks....

RKC Level 2-St. Paul MN June 26-28
2-day Kettlebell workshop with MRKC Kenneth Jay in Atlanta July 4&5
Workshop with SRKC Doug Nepodal in Medina OH July 11 (email me for details)
Kettlebell Workshop in Vermont July 18 (email me for details)
RKC in San Diego August 28-30
2-day Kettlebell workshop with SRKC Jeff O'Connor in Oklahoma City
Hardstyle Ventura workshop with Pavel October 24
Stay tuned, there's more in the works for the Iron Tamer Tour 2009.......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


Maybe I just wan't paying attention, but I almost missed this!

Pavel is going to be teaching a workshop on the beach in Ventura CA, on Oct. 24, 2009.

Now why would I fly all the way to California to train with Pavel, when I get to see him at every RKC event I attend?

It is because of the MATERIAL he is covering. The focus of this workshop is bodyweight strength training. At the RKC, we spend the majority of the time on kettlebell drills for obvious reasons.

This workshop will cover the principals of strength as it applies to bodyweight training and goes beyond the Naked Warrior into uncharted territory.

Pavel assured me that he will be covering material that he has not written about yet, material that is availeble nowhere else!

That is enough for me to hop on a plane to California! How about you?

Do you want to immediately improve your strength in pullups, pistols, kettlebell military presses, one-arm pushups, handstand pushups, and a learn variety of killer abdominal drills from the man who wrote "Bulletproof Abs?"

If you are new to strength, you will learn how to do these drills correctly. If you have a long way to go, you'll get a clear set of individualized instructions for mastering them.

HERE are some details.
There are also details on this Facebook page.
See you there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iron Tamer: Kettlebells with Jacob.

Warning: This one is graphic. If you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out, do not watch the clip.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Kettlebell Certification?

Since Pavel and Dragon Door launched the world's first-ever kettlebell instructor certification program in 2001, the classic RKC program has become the gold standard, now with over 1,200 certified instructors in over 43 countries. No one else even comes close. In fact, if not for the RKC, there would be no other kettlebell instuctor certifications.

But very often I hear that the price tag is too high and the investment of time too great for some people who are still "on the fence" about it. There is no entry-level kettlebell certification program that addresses these folks with the quality and standards that have made Dragon Door, Pavel and the RKC famous.

Until now.

Enter the HKC. The HardStyle Kettlebell Certification. An entry-level opportunity to build a superb and rock-solid foundation as a kettlebell professional and be a part of the world's premier kettlebell instructor training system. Click HERE to find out all the details.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Time Strongman University with Dennis Rogers: Part TWO

Do you want to learn how to do Old Time Feats of Strength from Dennis Rogers?

Click HERE

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iron Tamer vs. Jedd from Diesel Crew

I have "known" Napalm Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew online for years and never met him in person until recently. In this completely unrehearsed conversation, we decide to see if we can manage a 60 penny nail bend with each of us holding one end of the nail.

Jedd is a strong dude, but I ain't scared of him.

I've always wondered if I could take him.

Make sure you watch it all the way to the end and find out.

Kettlebells for Power Athletes

Brett Jones, Master RKC and Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC have a new DVD that was filmed a few years ago but has just been released. It is called Kettlebells for Power Athletes and it will help you to:
-Increase your power output
-Boost your overall strength
-Protect your joints—despite lifting heavier than ever
-Enhance your mobility
The DVD employs unique drills from the evil genius minds of Jones and O'Connor. It is awesome!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Joe's birthday

Recently I had a very special birthday celebration with my friend and client Joe.

Joe is an inspiration and an example of how your attitude and mindset determines everything in your life.

The video speaks for itself.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surrounded by Greatness

One surefire way to improve yourself is to surround yourself with people who excel at things you want to do better. Surround yourself with people who are better, smater, stronger, more experienced, etc. Simply put: Surround yourself with greatness.

As apart of the RKC faculty, I am blessed to be in contact with some of the best instructors and coaches in the business. Guys like Pavel, Brett jones and Mark Reifkind. Rif, incidentally is the person being interviewed this week to kick off the Kettlebell Secrets series. Rif has helped me a lot in my understanding of physical training and the call will be awesome.

Another person that I have learned a TON of info from is Grandmaster Strongman, Dennis Rogers. I spent the weekend in Lockheart Texas with Dennis at the Old Texas Barbell Company. Dan Cenidoza, RKC and Chris Mason joined me for some pretty intense, hands-on training, bending horseshoes, ripping cards and phonebooks and driving nails thru boards with no hammer. I shot some cool video and will try to get it edited and posted in the next couple of days.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Return of the Kettlebell: the BOOK!

Pavel's new and highly anticpated book on kettlebell training has arrived! Get Return of the Kettlebell HERE!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gettin' on a plane

Headed to Texas today to train with Dennis Rogers!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kettlebell Secrets Project

Do You Have the Sneaking Suspicion That Your Kettlebell Training is Missing Something?

My friend, fellow Senior RKC and evil genius Geoff Neupert has put together a series of audio interviews with the Master and Senior RKC instructors.

ALL of us.

And Pavel.

Discover What You're Missing at Kettlebell Secrets...

Friday, May 15, 2009

April 2009 RKC certification

Check out THIS VIDEO from the April 2009 RKC certification.
Do you want to be a part of the Original and Number ONE Kettlebell certification?
Do you want to be a part of the kettlebell certification that ALL the others try to stack up to, but cannot?
RKC. Become elite.
I'll be there in San Diego in August, hope to see you there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Return of the Kettlebell

Pavel's new DVD, Return of the Kettlebell, is finally out .

The focus of the DVD is on "Explosive Kettlebell Training for Explosive Muscle Gains" and it will be followed in a few weeks by a book of the same name. I already ordered mine.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Snatches tear up my hands"

The way YOU snatch tears up your hands.**

On the Dragon Door Strength Forum, it is a recurring subject: how do I protect my hands while I am snatching?

I have said this for years- the best way to protect your hands while snatching is with your technique.

To me, excessive use of hand protection compounds the problem. It reminds me of some of the escrima guys I have seen with full head-to-toe armor when they spar. It takes away the inherent respect for the stick if getting hit is no longer a hugely undesireable consequence.

No disrespect to the guys in the video, I am just saying this in NOT a real stick fight, and you will fight like you train.

If you need hand protection because you have torn something and don't want to miss training time, that is one thing, but if the only way you can snatch is with some apparatus you need better technique.

In the RKC, principle number one is "The emphasis should be on technique over routines, exercises and workloads. The latter are marginal until technique is perfect." Learn the correct way to snatch. Practice, practice, practice.

This week I will make a couple of video posts on troubleshooting Hardstyle snatch technique.

Stay tuned.....

**Thanks to Dan John for the original version of that quote, regarding squats.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Going to California

I just found out a couple of days ago that I am going to be teaching at the San Diego RKC in August.

Several people from Nashville are going to make the trip out to join the ranks of the RKC.

Join us! Click the banner to sign up:

Become an Elite Trainer

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why do I reccomend Dragon Door Kettlebells?

It's just a hunk of iron right?

All kettlebells are NOT created equal....

Why Dragon Door Kettlebells are superior from Dave Whitley on Vimeo.

Getcha some Dragon Door Kettlebells!

RCK Authentic Kettlebells on SALE

Thursday, April 23, 2009

July 4th Kettlebell extravaganza

For the very first time, the Dane of Pain, Kenneth Jay, MRKC and myself will be doing a

H-U-G-E two-day kettlebell workshop in Atlanta, GA on July 4th and 5th, hosted by Condition Gym.

Details are here:Strength and Conditioning Workshop with Kenneth Jay and David Whitley July 4-5

Don't miss this one if you -
Have MVO2 questions
want to press a heavier kettlebell
want to increase you SSST score
want to maximize your Full Body Power
want to learn to bend steel and tear cards

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Training update

40kg Pushpress 12 sets of 5/5 in 15:00. These felt very strong. some were strict presses, but most were push presses.

5:00 rest

10:00 of grip work w/ 20lb pinch lever curls & 115lb Rolling thunder DL didn't keep a rep count.

1x28kg squat & swing, 10:00 5x5 of each. Focus on perfecting the alignment and firing everything correctly. Knees are feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biggest loser-Jillian's kettlebell technique FAIL.

I got a BARRAGE of emails along with all my local folks last week when Jillian broke out a 10lb kettlebell on the Biggest loser. I must admit, I have never watched the show, but I did find this clip and see what all the fuss is about.

Jillian has no idea how to use kettlebells. Now, she may be great at other stuff, but she ain't got it when it comes to kettlebells.

This is just one of the many clips of its kind from personal trainers who mistakenly assume that they can use the tool.

Like my buddy Josh Hillis, RKCII said: My issue then is making this mistake on national TV in front of an audience of millions who think you are showing correct form.

In fact, I like what Josh had to say SO much, I'm just gonna restate it here:

I will Teach You To Do The Kettlebell Swing Correctly

Celebrity/TV trainers of the world: I know you are trying... You just need to get some instruction on how to do it. I just want to you to demonstrate correct form.

I recommend all celebrity trainers get five sessions with an RKC Certified Instructor.

I'm going to make an offer to any trainer who is on TV: If you fly out to Nashville, I'll teach you how. For free. If your producer wants you do a kettlebell segment I'll be your technical advisor.

Please: Allow your audience to see kettlebell movements performed with correct (safe and effective) form.

What Not To Do

I'm going to ask that all trainers, not just celebrity trainers, but ALL trainers not teach kettlebell movements if they don't know to do them correctly.

I'll put it as gently as possible: DO NOT TEACH ANYTHING YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TEACH.

The reality is, knowing how to do a kettlebell swing correctly is only the first step. There is a HUGE gap between knowing how to DO something, and knowing how to TEACH something.

It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity trainer - if you haven't gotten some instruction from an RKC Certified Instructor, you don't know how to do a kettlebell swing. And if you aren't RKC Certified, you don't know how to teach it.

I agree with Jillian about a few things: Kettlebells are a superior way to burn fat, lose weight, get strong and to have more fun working out.

So I am with Josh: Hopefully celebrity trainers will get some more information about how to do kettlebell swings correctly, and then the next time you see kettlebells on The Biggest Loser, or Fit TV or some other show, then millions of people will see how to do kettlebell swings with powerful, safe, effective form.

I'm hoping they all take us up on the offer. Or if not Josh or me, then another RKC.
Seeing kettlebells on TV at all is an HUGE step forward for the fitness of America.
Seeing them done correctly would be the next level.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My RKC student in the Boston Marathon

Perhaps you remember this lovely young lady:

Her name is Kelly Cassidy and she was on Team Whitley at RKC Oct. 2008. She did an awesome job and made me very proud.

Since then Kelly has decided to give the Boston marathon a shot and has been training hard and raising money for Brigham and Women's Hospital. HERE is where you can go to help Kelly!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Montgomery AL-Kettlebell Basics and Beyond – Russian Kettlebell Workshop

Date: 4/18/09
Time: 11:00AM – 3:00PM
Place: Old School CrossFit
230-A Mendel Parkway East
Montgomery, AL 36117
334-398-1323 (
Featuring: David Whitley, Sr. RKC The Iron Tamer
Cost: $200.00; due by 4/11/09
You will learn:
-To develop and use full body tension for increased strength
-All aspects/varieties of the kettlebell swing and mistakes you must avoid
-The steps in completing the Turkish Get Up in a safe and effective manner
- The Clean, taming the arc, hand and body position for an effective press
-One arm press & full body tension; the press is only as good as the clean
-How to handle two bells in performing the clean and the press
-How to snatch without banging your forearm.
Be prepared to workout; physically and mentally.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Turkish Getup the RKC way.

Mark Snow and I shot a quick TGU tutorial a few months ago.

Effective, safe, powerful. Learn from the source: The RKC.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Viking Warrior Conditioning

What is Viking Warrior Conditioning?

Kenneth Jay, MRKC developed the now-legendary Kettlebell Snatch VO2 max protocol to develop superior stamina in the Olypic athletes of Team Denmark.

Kenneth's new book is the complete theory and battleplan for forging that heart of elastic steel—written by the Dane of Pain himself. Click the link above to get your copy and forever change your concept of "cardio training".

Friday, March 20, 2009

Photos from March 14th 2009 Kettlebell Workshop in Nashville

Group shot


More swings
There are a LOT more shots on my Facebook page.
All photos courtesy Mandy Whitley Photography. To view ALL the workshop photos on Mandy’s site:
2. Click on “client proofing”
3. Enter the password: 031409

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iron Tamer Scrolling Steel

Finishing off a scroll with a 4 foot by 1/2 inch piece of steel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Machine and the Iron Tamer

Fellow strongman and student of Dennis Rogers, Mike "the Machine" Bruce visited me in Nashville to see what my kettlebell workshops are all about. Here we do the half time show, demonstrating beyond doubt that the Machine has the Strongest NECK in the world as I fold a 4-foot long, 5/8-inch thick steel bar across his throat.

Friday, March 13, 2009

3-14-09 Kettlebell Workshop

For tomorrow's kettlebell workshop we are meeting at Next Level instead of the park, if you are coming please call or email me to confirm that you recieved this message.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bent Press Article

Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers has completely redone his website and it now includes the first of several articles from me. Check it out HERE.
For more instruction on the Bent Press pick up a copy of the Full Body Power DVD.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

And the winner is.....

Thanks for the FLOOD of emails about Mike the Machine's favorite color. If you said PINK you are correct.
The winner of the Full Body Power: Kettlebell Beyond the Basics DVD was Patrick Coffey. Congrats for moving so fast!

Check out the REVIEW that Laree Draper wrote of the DVD over at Dave Draper's website.

I appreciate such a great review and am so happy I decided to have a sale.

So for the next 2 days you can get your very own copy of the DVD for a 20% discount at the FULL BODY POWER WEBSITE. The special ends at midnight Wed. March 4th.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nashville Kettlebell Workshop special guest

Mike "The Machine" Bruce is going to join us at the March 14th Kettlebell Workshop in NAshville. There are only 2 spots left, you better SIGN UP NOW!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kettlebell in the Nashville News

This is a segment from a couple of years ago where we were featured on the Fox Morning Show. Nashville traffic dude Dave Park recieves some tough love.

Another workshop is coming up in Nashville next month. Click HERE for the details.

Monday, February 16, 2009

President’s Day: Could Obama do this?

This President’s Day clearly signifies a special moment in history. Regardless of your political views, the recent election of President Barack Obama has brought about change. Though we’ll have to let President Obama’s accomplishments in office dictate what type of change it will be, I find it interesting that he is reported to be very dedicated to his daily workout routine. In addition to playing basketball, he is reputed to and puts get a 45-60 minute workout day in and day out.

I have known for a while that kettlebells travel on Air Force One. Hopefully that hasn't changed. One of the cornerstone workouts outlined in Enter the Kettlebell is the Secret Service Snatch test. The rules and execution are simple: Ten minutes, as many snatches as possible. You can put the kettlebell down or switch hands as often as you like.

Now, I am just going to assume that there are going to be some days when President Obama might not have time to get in his typical 45-60 minute workout. I am going to lend my expertise in this regard to cut Obama’s workout time WAY down ( if only I could do that to defecit spending....) . I personally guarantee this will not only help him maintain, if not increase, his current strength and conditioning level.

I am going to simplify the process for Obama by designing workouts that involve nothing more than a 24kg kettlebell and can be done on Air Force One or in the comfort of the Oval Office.If Obama has only ten minutes to workout:Do the Secret Service Snatch test. Try to get at least 200 reps.

If Obama has 20 minutes to workout:
Program Minimum, also outlined in Enter the Kettlebell

Turkish Getups- Aternating hands each rep, perform as many reps a possible in eight minutes. Rest a couple of minutes then do swings at a pace of :30 work and :30 rest for 10 rounds.

I hope the President will appreciate this quick and brutal fitness plan that works with, not against, his schedule. And if the President can find time to get in a workout, there is no excuse for you not to do the same.

Rock on!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Strength Books

Over on Zach Even-Esh's member site Undergound Strength Coach there is a discussion going about "What are you favorite strength-related books?"

Here are a few of mine, with some commentary:

Beyond BodyBuilding, Power to the People, Enter the Kettlebell-

All by Pavel and available from Dragondoor. To put it simply, if not for Pavel, I wouldn't be writing this blog or doing what I do right now. It is tough to narrow it down, but these are my favorite three strength books he has written to date.

The Mighty Atom: the spiritual Journey of Joseph Greenstein-Ed Speilman

An amazing story of a man who did things that are beyond strong, venturing into impossible. Hard to find, I got my copy from Dennis Rogers.

The Purposeful Primitive - Marty Gallagher

One of the best books I have ever read from a a man who has been deep in the trenches for a LONG time.

Destroying the Dogma: Real world Fatloss-Alwyn Cosgrove

A fitness professional's guide to developing and implementing effective fat loss programming from one of the most trusted guys in the business.

Rock, Iron, Steel-Steve Justa
Gripmaster's Manual-John Brookfield

Both available from Iron Mind. Outside the box stuff from two very strong men.

Keys to Progress-John McCallum

Also from Iron Mind. Enteraining, informative look at the way it was done in the days before drugs.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Workshops and today's training

Workshop announcements:
March 14th, 2009-
Nashville TN
Kettlebell Basics
Click Here To Register

April 18th, 2009-
Montgomery AL
Kettlebell Basics and Beyond
Click HERE for Details
Or contact
Mark Lehmkuhl RKC
(334) 398-1323

RKC Level Two Instructor Course
June 26-28 2009
Click HERE for Details

Derby Vermont on 7-18-09 contact Ben

Today's training:
a lot of pressing and pushpressing

32kg singles in the BUP 10 r, 8 l (2 reps on the L lost control)
40kg x 1r/1 hold on l
48kg BU holds 2x per side about 7 seconds

40kg MP 2x5/5
44kg MP(40+4kgKB in one hand) 2 x3/3, 2x 2/2
48kg press 3x1/1
52kg pushpress 3x1/1
48kg snatch ladder 2x1,2,3,4 on the minute, 1:00 rest between ladders
32kg snatch 1x10/10 rest 1:00
2x7/7 :15 rest between.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

40kg Bottoms Up Press

Been chasing this one a while......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009


We are headed off on a short cruise to the Bahamas this weekend! Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's GBA workout

28kg BUP x15 singles per arm.

2 singles of 40kg BUP. First time I have gotten 2 in the same day.

40kg snatch:

8 sets of 4/4

12 sets of 3/3 beginning at the top of each minute.

That is 136 reps total, up from 120 on Monday. Toasty.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My Strength focus right now is on getting a Bottom Up press with the 48kg kettlebell. and I decided to do a variation on the Steve Justa singles routine that Pavel talks about in Beyond Bodybuilding.

I am determined the correct weight by taking my of 1 rep max (40kg) and using 70% (28kg). The justa program has you doing singles at 70%, starting with 3 singles and adding a couple of singles worth of volume each day of the week. Next week add weight and repeat.

The problem here is that I don't have 7 days a week to dedicate to this. So I decided on a 5 day cycle of singles. Also I am not going to walk straight up the ladder with the reps, I am fluctuating them. The range is from 9-15 singles per workout.

Today I was talking to Geoff Neupert about training and the stuff each of us are doing currently. In addition to the singles stuff, I am doing snatches for explosiveness and conditioning. Multpiple sets with a farily heavy weight. Yesterday I did 20 sets of 3/3 on the top of each minute with 40kg. The plan is to do a lot of snatching while waving the volume and load.

Add in the TGU, steel bending, card tearing and other feats of strength I am practicing and you have what Geoff and I decided is an excellent routine for General Bad-Assedness (GBA), which is like General Physical Preparedness (GPP), except better.

You can have GPP and not have GBA. If you have GBA, by definition you are prepared, so you have GPP.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos from Brett Jones, MRKC Atlanta workshop.

Here are a few pics from Brett's trip down south to Delaine Ross' Condition Gym:

Little Miss Hardstyle Sara Cheatham, Sr. RKC showing how the pullup is done. Dig the scarf!

Brett Jones, MRKC gets his windmill on.

Group love. Photos by Mandy Whitley Photography.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts on the Warrior Diet and my own shortcomings

I posted a youtube clip in August to keep myself accountable to 100 days on the Warrior Diet. Things went well for several weeks then I went off track a bit. The problem wasn't the schedule, which I really like, it was my tendency to make lousy food choices, especially when I am dealing with problems. Yes kids, the Iron Tamer is an emotional eater.

What sorts of problems? Well, the fact that I was told I shouldn't swing or snatch during my meniscus rehab affected me in 2 ways. 1st and most obviously, those drills are my big calorie-burners. Not being able to do them OR having a suitable replacement took a toll on my activity level.

More than that though, I was pained by having these activities denied me for my own good. That slight depression, combined with seeking comfort in food and the abundance of holiday junk fare is not a good combo.

I put my focus on tearing cards (which improved tremendously) and working toward a 40kg Bottom Up Press. My error here was excessive volume in the BUP. For some reason, I cannot handle the same volume in BUP as I can in standard KB C&P. ( A valuable lesson in retrospect) My suspicion is that it has something to do with the massive amount of nervous system activity in the hands. Neither of these activities is a huge calorie burner and falling short on my BUP quest just added to the sadness.

Fortunately, my video plan worked, even when I didn't feel like I wanted it to. I continue to recieved emails asking about the WD, why no update, etc. This post is the answer. Simply, I slacked off. More accurately, I CHOSE to slack off.

All is better now, and since the beginning of 2009 I have been steadily dialing in the WD. Physically, I am stronger now than ever. I am snatching and pressing the 48kg with more authority than ever. My 40kg Bottom Up Press came quicker thant I thought, once I dialed in the correct volume. On a whim I deadlifted 500lbs this week, despite the fact that I haven't practiced the deadlift in over a year and that is 25lbs short of my absolute best ever. And I feel lighter, mostly because I am.

I feel good. Very good. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and asked. I vow more regular updates this time. I am ready to rock.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 KettleBell Body Shapes?

You are going to get a laugh out of this. I usually ignore blatant stupidity unless asked directly. Well, I was asked directly. Once in a while something comes along that is so utterly ridiculous that it leaves me at a loss for words. This ain’t one of those times.

I received several emails about this. Apparently Ryan Shanahan of KettleWorx “The Global Leader in Kettlebell Fitness” (which is trademarked BTW) has seen fit to write an article about the “The 3 KettleBell Body Shapes” and to cite the Iron Tamer as an example of the “Hardstyle Body”. Now I am fine with that, except that he uses it as an insult to me and the Hardstyle system to sell his laughable “Kettleworx” product.

Any time you read a so-called ‘expert” saying things like “Your Body Shapes the Way You Move It “ and “Different kettlebell training methods result in different body shapes”, it is a sure sign they haven’t got a clue about human physiology and are trying to rip you off with bogus exercise methodology.

He goes on to say: “As you can see the Russian or Hard Style of Lifting Kettlebells definitely makes the body stronger, more powerful, and bulky.”

Right…… Sara Cheatham Sr. RKC, Mark Cheng RKCTL, our Chief Instructor Pavel, and myself should all have the same body type, since we all train Hardstyle. It is also interesting to note that I am about 50lbs smaller and MUCH stronger than I was before learning and practicing the Hardstyle principle. I repeat: I am smaller and stronger than before I began using this system that Ryan claims will cause “bulking”.

Here is some science for you Ryan: Your “Body Shape” is determined by your GENETICS and how you FEED it, along with how you train.

He demonstrates his complete and utter lack of knowledge of Hardstyle with this one sentence: “This (hardstyle) system is also restricted to only a few basic movements – Clean & Press, Snatch, Swings, Get Up and Pistols done while using Heavy Kettlebells for Low Reps.”

Hmmmmmm……on my Full Body Power DVD I teach at least 25 different variations of various exercises. In the showreel video he put in the article I do KB juggling, bent press, Sots press & more. My score in the best-ever Secret Service Snatch Test is 260 reps in 10:00 and I can get 220 24kg snatches in 10:00 anytime I want. That is hardly a heavy weight for me, nor are those low reps. And I am Hardstyle.

How about this gem: “KettleBell Conditioning combines a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session for whole body fitness.”

The implication here is that Hardstyle does somehow does not give a total training effect or provide conditioning. Tell me again what your Secret Service Snatch score is Ryan?

He uses video to show both male and female Kettlebell Fitness Body types. The male body example is a former member of the RKC who had that build before he ever touched a kettlebell. The females are fitness model types who I am fairly certain also looked that way before touching kettlebells.

The truth is in the results. Hardstyle is about strength. It is about conditioning. It is about resilience and mobility. It is about performance. It is not just about “…a body shape with toned and defined muscles that look great on the beach” although it can certainly produce that.

Ryan, feel free to go ahead and market your ridiculous method of using kettlebells, but please do three things:

  1. Get your facts straight about the Hardstyle principles before you denounce it.
  2. Know that you can only rip people off for so long before they figure out the truth.
  3. Leave me out of it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And here we go

It was fun while it lasted, but the holiday season is OVER and it is time to get started on a brand new year. This time of year EVERYONE is on fire with the fever of setting new goals. Statisically that will last about three weeks, then the masses settle back into the deadly "comfort zone".

Why? Failure to achieve a goal happens most often because we give up what we really want for what we THINK we want right now. Consistency over time produces results. It is really that simple……………… and that difficult. Set your goal, develop your plan and get to work consistently implementing the plan.

I'll use myself as an example. I want to be stronger. Great, but that's pretty broad. I'll use a specific strength-related goal of mine---Bottoms-Up Pressing a 40kg kettlebell--- to illustrate the following points.

1. Commit your goals to paper-Writing them down by hand is the first time you take action and the goal stops being just an idea. I have done this.

2. Review your goals daily. It does no good to write them down and forget about them Keep your list of goals accessible, so that you can review it several times each day. Frequent reminders will help to keep you on track. I'm on it.

3. Be specific. Set exactly the goal you want to achieve and the time frame for it. Here is what I wrote down: "I am bottom-up pressing my 40kg kettlebell by Feb. 28th 2009." Notice the deadline and the way it is framed in present tense. Doing this with your goals will program your mind to believe it has already happened. How can you fail at something that has already happened?

4. Be realistic. Begin by setting small, attainable goals that will propel you into future success. If I was BU pressing a 16kg today, 40kg in a few weeks would not be realistic.

5. Focus on the short-term goals and the short-term changes in behavior. Doing this will cause you to automatically reach your long-term goals. My daily and weekly plan has goals related to specific pressing and grip related things. Added up they get me to the 40kg destination.

6. As you achieve your goals, make updates to your list to continually challenge yourself. After I get the 40kg, the next step will be something a little more challenging. I am not sure yet whatthat will be. Maybe 48kg BU press. Maybe something altogether different.

What do you have planned?