Monday, June 22, 2009

Where you going next Dave???

Lotsa travel in the next few weeks....

RKC Level 2-St. Paul MN June 26-28
2-day Kettlebell workshop with MRKC Kenneth Jay in Atlanta July 4&5
Workshop with SRKC Doug Nepodal in Medina OH July 11 (email me for details)
Kettlebell Workshop in Vermont July 18 (email me for details)
RKC in San Diego August 28-30
2-day Kettlebell workshop with SRKC Jeff O'Connor in Oklahoma City
Hardstyle Ventura workshop with Pavel October 24
Stay tuned, there's more in the works for the Iron Tamer Tour 2009.......


Coach Angela said...

You Rock Dave!!

david said...

Dave, how come you took down the side press-bent press video? I was hoping to refer back to it.