Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why do I reccomend Dragon Door Kettlebells?

It's just a hunk of iron right?

All kettlebells are NOT created equal....

Why Dragon Door Kettlebells are superior from Dave Whitley on Vimeo.

Getcha some Dragon Door Kettlebells!

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SG Human Performance said...

Well said Dave! I have tried different kettlebells from many different manufacturers and you definitely get what you pay for. Plus some of the cheaper ones have a smaller handle and I believe that takes away from the type of "stability activation" that kettlebell exercises were designed to do. I feel with other kettlebells you still can "cheat" and not get the full desired effect that a dragon door kettlebell can provide.

Tom Furman said...

Christ Dave, That was like watching paint dry. I like the one where you rolled up the frying pans while drinking wine.

-Tom Furman

Hubukai said...

hi Dave.
I have been training with kettlebells for about 3 years now and I have to say I agree with you 100%. I DO know a lot about steel manufacturing, casting and improperly cast steel is no better than crushed aluminum cans. I watched the construction process of dragon door bells and I feel safe saying that they are Properly made and well engineered.
Buy Dragon Door bells, or risk a cracked handle and a possible injury.

Taikei Matsushita said...

David, let's run a "Dirty DD 32kg KB Contest".
My double 32kgs have been thrown, washed, dropped, covered in mud chalks, cracked some stone tiles.


I don't let others touch mine. That's why I bring new ones to workshops.

Jennifer said...

Have you handled the new ones that are no longer made in the US? If so, what do you think of them?

Iron Tamer said...

Jen yes I have, they are same quality. They look a little different, the size of the weight stamp is a little bigger.

Jordan Vezina said...

As a freak coincidence a friend of mine was training a client with an off brand kettlebell (against my advice) the other day and the handle literally broke off mid-snatch. It should only take once to learn these lessons.

Pat said...

Thanks Dave, I just ordered one it's backordered right now but I can't wait for it to come. I have several other bells myself, but they have Dragon Door bells at the gym and for some reason my Snatch is better with the dragon door bell. I think it's the handle, but your information makes it even clearer Dragon Door is the way to go.

RKC 9/08

Iron Tamer said...

Taikei-truly a thing of beauty.

Coach RJ said...

Just got my FIRST 32kg KB the other week-thankfully a Dragon Door KB after watching that video! Great post Dave. Thanks for doing it.

Charles said...

Guys, I'm not sure you have seen the CAP kettlebells yet. They appear to be pretty high quality at a significant savings over the Dragon Door products. I've tried both and don't see any real difference.

24kg from Dragon Door delivered, $141 even with their new discount.

Christians Fitness CAP $88 delivered. That's a huge difference in price. I recommend saving the money. I don't see any signs of the handle coming off.


Coach Charles

Eric said...

bending steel, ripping phone books and decks of cards, bending nails, pressing people over your head and now ripping the handle off of non rkc brand kettlebells.

Dave yer the man

Kennedy said...

Dragon Door is made in China and are by no means superior to many other "One piece solid cast iron" kettlebells on the market.

Dragon Door and John Du Cane would love you to believe that his Dragon Door Kettlebells have some "special" qualities, NOT TRUE. They were better when they were made in the USA, now they are just "Good" Kettlebells that are 3 times the price of equally good kettlebells.

But since this site is part of the Dragon Door system, this comment will never be posted.

Javi said...

Dave, do you know when DD changed to the logo stamp on their KB? I went to purchase a used KB from someone and it did not have the DD/RKC stamp on it and I didn't think it was from DD. The guy said he purchased it about 8yrs ago, but couldn't say he got it from DD. Said he thought it was a company who said they were selling DD. Anyway, after seeing your vid I think they may have been DD. They looked almost identical to the newer DD I have except w/o the logo. Thanks!