Thursday, April 23, 2009

July 4th Kettlebell extravaganza

For the very first time, the Dane of Pain, Kenneth Jay, MRKC and myself will be doing a

H-U-G-E two-day kettlebell workshop in Atlanta, GA on July 4th and 5th, hosted by Condition Gym.

Details are here:Strength and Conditioning Workshop with Kenneth Jay and David Whitley July 4-5

Don't miss this one if you -
Have MVO2 questions
want to press a heavier kettlebell
want to increase you SSST score
want to maximize your Full Body Power
want to learn to bend steel and tear cards


Mark J. Lehmkuhl said...


I wish we could make it over for the shop. Unfortunately we will be conserving our pennies for RKC level 2 in June of 2010....both Gwen and myself.

This will definitely beat anything that anything fitness has to offer south of the Mason Dixon line.

Best of luck.


Steve Meidinger, RKC said...

Damnit, Dave. You have to put on a workshop with KJ in the prime of Colorado climbing season.

I hope that didn't sound like too much of an excuse not to make it :)

Iron Tamer said...

Steve.............all I heard was "wahhh, wahh...."