Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little bit of snatching, a little bit of pressing,

Today's workout:

48kg snatch
10 sets of 3reps per arm (10x3/3)
1:00 rest between sets

40Kg snatch

32kg snatch

32kg Clean and Press


Royce said...

Dude, nice one! 3 reps an arm with the beast is no joke.
My best so far is 10x3 with the 88, and that's only alternating arms. So only 5 sets an arm and 3 minutes between sets.
Guess I have some work to do.

Royce said...

That's supposed to sa 30 reps per arm not 3. I'm a dufuss.

Le Tutor Language School said...

Is there a website that offers the definitions or examples of all of the different lifts? I'm familiar with a lot of the standard lifting terms but have no idea what the beast or other kettleball terms are.

Mark Reifkind said...

wow. what else can you say. love the symmetry of the workout as well.nice.

Iron Tamer said...

Tutor, do you have a specific question?

Iron Tamer said...

Thanks Rif!

Le Tutor Language School said...

is there a comprehensive list or website that offers an encyclopedia of lifting movements and terms?

Guarden said...

Auch, snatches with 48 kg...
It's gotta hurt, hehe..
Great BLOG David.
One question: Why is it, that you send videos of TGU to Dr. Mark Cheng?