Monday, July 23, 2007

40kg snatch PR

20/20 reps, done on a whim, no prep.

I believe this is a good example of what a week of good, consistent nutrition can do. I ate very clean since last Monday, with the exception of some fries, beer and ice cream last night, which was a pre-planned "off" meal.

I am down nine pounds in the past week, from 285 to 276. I know that six-seven of that is water, but what a great first week!

An even bigger deal to me than the snatches: We went to my little cousin's 2nd birthday party yeasterday and rather than cake, they had one of those gigantic chocolate chip cookies with the decorative icing on it. This is absolutely the most lethal junk food in the world for me. I have dreams about these cookies, no kidding.

Now, I had planned to take a meal "off" and go out with some friends to an Irish pub, drink a little Black Velvet ( Guinness and Cider) and eat fish & chips after the kid's party. It would have been REAL easy to say something like "It's only a couple of hours difference, I'll have some cookie."

I didn't. I didn't have a single taste of the cookie. I didn't get a piece to save for later when we were at the pub either.

Why not?

IT WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN. I planned for fried fish. I planned for fries. I planned for Guinness. I did not plan for cookie, so I did not eat cookie.

Oh, yeah....I didn't eat battered fish either, even though I planned to. I had a steak. 12 oz of quality protien, steamed vegetables and an order of fries.

For dessert, I had a some Ice Cream. That plus the Black Velvet was it for my junk food. Previously, I would eat relatively clean all week, then on Friday night start eating junk.

Today I snatched 40kg for 20/20.

Coincidence? I think not.

here is the youtube link to the same video:


BJ Bliffert said...

Well done, Dave.

I feel your cookie pain, that is such a weakness for me as well.

Nice PR, too!

Royce said...

Rock on brother! Can't beat a man with a plan!

Royce said...

OH yeah Black Velvets are kick ass. Try Guiness and a dshot of Vanilla stoli too tatses like a snickers bar.

Geoff Neupert said...

Nice job, DW. How much of that water do you think was intra-muscular and how much do think was edema?

Guarden said...

You monster.
And great to follow your quest towards a leaner body.
/Jacob, Denmark

Mark Reifkind said...

I agree, staying with a plan is key, evenif the change isnt bad. gotta develop the will!

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah, kick ass snatches dude.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear someone else understands how EVIL a frikkin' cookie can be! You're leading by example, my friend. Thanks.

Christine Petty said...

Agreed, cookies are the devil's work.