Thursday, October 23, 2008

Warrior Diet Questions

I had a few questions that needed answerin' regarding the Warrior Diet. Since reading Marty Gallagher's opus, The Purposeful Primitive and beginning the WD, I have arrived at the following answers, based on my own limited experience.

1."Will the WD affect performance adversely?"
Recent training highlights, since warrior day one(about 7 weeks ago):
80 sets of 8 snatches in VO2 style with 16kg.
30x8 with 24kg
Closin' in on BUP w/ 40kg
Bending 60d nails like paper clips
All this with inconsistent training and a lot of travel.

My experience answers "NO", it will not have adverse effects.

2. "Will it help to shed fat/weight"
Begining at high-270s, today I dipped below 265.
Pants falling off.
Veins in forearms becoming more visible.
I have made some pretty bad food choices more than I care to admit. There ain't no mention of french fries being a good idea in the WD book.

Simple calorie deficit? probably, but I'm cool with that.

Answer: YES

3. "Is it sustainable?"
This is the biggie. Despite my afforementioned unlean food consumption, I LOVE the WD schedule and not needing to stop and eat every 3 hours.
I have found it quite condusive to my travelling as well. Some nuts & H2O on the plane, get to the hotel, head out to the feast.

Answer: YES.

4. "Is it better than (insert other dietary protocol here)?"
Since I am most familiar with Precision Nutrition, Naked Nutrition and the ketogenic diets, I will speak on my experience with them. "Better" is a subjective term. Better for what? Muscle? Strength? Fat loss? Enjoyment? I ahve found utility in all the approaches. I am currently rockin' on the WD like Molly Hatchet at the state fair.

Is it better than plan XXXXX?
Answer: NO

Nor is it "worse". I find it very usaeable, comfortable, efective and enjoyable. I shall continue with it.

Final Thoughts:
Consistency over time is the key. It must be liveable, not just endurable. I am living it and loving it. Perhaps at some point I'll shift into another mode, but for now, the WD is rocking.


P. J. said...

Sitting in a hotel room in Dallas and looking at the Greater Dallas phonebook and wrapping my hands around it. Mad props my friend. It's much bigger in person than it looked on the video. Though I guess you could say that about other things too. (yes I went there).
Apparently the WD is working. Again, congrats on a major PR.

BJ Bliffert, RKC Level II said...

The schedule is what keeps me coming back. It's very "adaptable". I have started eating more during the day, but stick with "live" fruits and veggies. Pomegranates are the fruit of choice right now, although the work to reward ration is high.

Good to see your progressing, maybe next time a double order of the "côté de boeuf"?

BJ Bliffert, RKC Level II said...

oops, should read work to reward ratio.

stupid blogger...can't edit

SG Human Performance said...

would love to hear more about how the "schedule" works. I will have to look into it.

Mark & Nikki Snow

Anonymous said...

I'm sticktly WD-ing and have decreased both my 400yd and 100yd sprinting as well as increased my 8kb PU reps 3 fold. I LOVE the "diet" mostly for the "end-of-the-day feast! You gotta try the pumpkin cheesecake recipe-!

Anonymous said...

ps. I know I how to spell "strictly" :p

Joe Walker said...

I just ordered the WD book on Tuesday. The big appeal to me is the schedule. I pretty much have to under eat during the day as it is, so I'd like to learn how to make that work for me. I can't wait to try the pumpkin cheesecake.

Dustin Rippetoe said...

There is nothing better than finish your afternoon Training/kill after working/hunting on a empty stomach all day with a WD feast! Oh and BJ I want the "cote de boeuf"