Friday, October 17, 2008

How's them goals a comin'?

Six weeks to go until Thanksgiving, how's it going on your goals?

I'll share some brutal honesty with you, I am not on schedule.

First- nutrition: While I am LOVING the Warrior Diet schedule, I have been too relaxed on clean food choices, especially when travelling. More raw veggies, less crap like french fries over the next 6 weeks.

Next- pullups: I think that my original goal of a 24kg pullup is a little too ambitious. I did not factor in the travel I will be doing and how that is/will affect my training. I am changing the target to 12kg.

Next- 120 40kg snatches in 10:00: While this is a reasonable target for me, ( I got 96 in 10:00 this week) I don't have the urge to hit it that I need in order to be successful. I have been enamored of the bottom up press lately, so I am changing the target to a bottom-up press with 40kg.

The double vertical phonebook tear is remains unchanged.

So that's my update, where are you?


Chris J said...

Not doing that good either.

I bought more fresh than canned stuff. Even ate some of it before it went bad. But I bought more crap food (fast food) than taking my lunch to work in the last 3 weeks.

My chest is sore for some reason, and my 24kg bells feel heavy. Pull-ups haven't improved at all either.

NoPantsJim said...

Doing halfway decent.

100 pushups nonstop - shouldn't be a problem.
25 chinups dead hang neck to bar - again, shouldn't be a problem
25 pullups dead hang neck to bar - Definitely going to be more difficult, but still definitely doable.
200 on SSST - Don't see it happening. My cardio is less than awesome at the moment. My plan to is work as hard as possible and by Thanksgiving to be in a position to achieve 200 by Xmas.

My nutritional goal was vague, achieve a very visible six pack. My diet has been extremely clean and I am gaining weight slowly while looking leaner and leaner. I see this one happening but we'll see.

Chris D. said...

Doing okay.

8 unassisted chin's probably not going to happen. Used to be pretty good for 5 of these, but that strength is long gone.

50/50 Snatches with 20KG - Not totally sure about this one. Perhaps if I break it down.

75 push-ups - coming along fine.

Nutrition of all things has been better. I got the warrior diet book and I've been doing it for about 2 weeks now. Like Dave, not being as strict as I should/could, but I'm coming around. Yesterday at lunch I went and got a burger and onion Rings...I felt like shit the rest of the day. Didn't realize how bad I was feeling. Back on it now however. Do need to add more variety to things.

Coach RJ said...

Coach RJ reporting for duty:
I'm up to about 8 pull ups from 4! I need at least 10 my Turkey Day. Last night, I PRd in my 24kg snatch test and hit 50. I'll exceed my Thanksgiving goal by the holiday. Only six reps away from my RKC certification goal of 56! I was in San Antonio earlier this week on business. I ate Mexican food twice--too much of it! Way too many chips! So, I was feeble on my "over eating" goal a couple of times. Back on track this week. Thanks for the challenge. Enjoy the pain everyone!