Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nine weeks from today

Thanksgiving is nine weeks from today.

Thus begins the American cycle of overeating, oversoending and skipping workouts, sliding into the New Year in fatter, weaker, more broke and more miserable than ever, only to begin anew come January 1.

Does it sound familiar? This doesn't have to be you. Not this year. You can break the cycle. If you have already successfully broken this cycle, then I applaud you! If not, I would like to help you.

How am I going to do that? By issuing a 2-part challenge to you:

Number One: I want you to set at least one performance goal that you want to accomplish by Thanksgiving. What is a performance goal? It could be something like doing 50 consecutive push ups, or hitting 200 reps of kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes. It's important for you to know that I DO NOT mean weight loss goal, like "drop 15 pounds." I'll explain why in a moment.

Number Two: Set a nutritional goal. Decide on what your nutritional strategy will be and follow with tremendous purpose. I don't even care which plan it is so much, just follow it to the best of your ablitlity for nine Straight weeks. Don't wait until Monday to start. Decide NOW. Begin TODAY.

I am going to list a few things that I have decided I will make happen in my life before Thanksgiving.


I will complete a pullup with bodyweight PLUS a 24kg kettlebell. Of all the exercises that we cover in the RKC Level 2, the Pullup is the one I have the most trouble with. It's time to bring it up to speed.

I will snatch a 40kg kettlebell 120 times in ten minutes. My previous best is 106.

I will do a triple vertical phonebook tear. This means tearing the book into three pieces parallel with the spine. This is a feat I learned from Dennis Rogers, but cannot yet complete.


I will continue refining my Warrior Diet approach, inspired by Marty Gallagher's approach in The Purposeful Primitive. I will concentrate on making cleaner, more organic food choices.

By training for performance goals and nutritional compliance goals I will be improving my body in the process.

That is why I said NOT to make it a weight loss goal. Increase your performance. Improve your nutrition. Do these two things and it is a mathematical certainty that you will have a better body. Don’t get trapped by "weight loss" goals.

So what are the goals that YOU will accomplish by Thanksgiving?


Chris J said...

My goals, don't know if I'll hit them, but I'll give it my best shot.

5 un-assisted pull-ups
5 reps of chest presses per side with 32kg
double 24kg turkish get up.

buy more fresh fruits and vegetables than canned vegetables.
take my lunch to work everyday.

Courtney said...

Use the 16kg for swings during the workout instead of the 12
25 real push ups in a row

Agree with Chris on packing my lunch each day
Pass on office "treats"
Eat at least 2 fruits a day

WeirdbrainPDX said...

15 chinups
10 double snatches w/24kgs
Turkish getup w/32kg

Already eat clean/organic so;
More fruit
Less beer

NoPantsJim said...

Been awhile since I've posted here. Are you gonna make another blog post on Thanksgiving to call us out and see who managed to stick to their goals?

- 200 24kg snatches in 10 minutes (that's the Secret Service test, correct? I'm embarrassed I've never been able to do it)
- Finish the 100 pushups challenge, successfully complete 100 consecutive pushups with no rest
- 25 consecutive chinups (dead hang, neck to bar)
- 25 consecutive pullups (also dead hang, neck to bar)

- Have a six pack by Thanksgiving. I've always been thin, always been sort of able to see abs, but had a thin layer of fat hiding them. All of my nutritional choices will be made with this in mind.

Looks like I've got work to do...

Chris D. said...

Fairly new reader of the blog and someone whose working to get themselves back into some sort of shape, so this will definitely help me keep things in mind.

8 un-assisted chin-ups (previous best..7)
50/50 snatch with 20KG
75 Straight push-ups.

Get some sort of nutrition plan and actually follow it.

Bruce and Beth said...

I love this challenge.

Performance: Incorporate my kb workout 3x week.

Nutrition: Plan meals using fresh vegetables and fruits. Focus on clean eating and limit processed foods.

Kelly said...

Hey I am from the uk and can't say I have ever fell into this trap - not for 9 weeks anyway. Anyway always like to rise to a challenge.

Will do my weight routine 3 times each week (I currently do alot of running, spinning etc and sometimes neglect the weights. Routine just now is squats, pulovers, wide leg squats, chest press, lunges, MTS row and shoulders, abs and back. Will increase all my weights on these two.

Food - take lunch to work EVERY day and increase fruit and veg consumption.

Sandy Sommer said...

My first performance goal is to do 200 uninterrupted swings with a 24 kg kettlebell.

Nutritionally, I stop eating "Dirty" as I watch NFL games each Sunday.

Coach RJ said...

Alright, I'll throw down as well.

8-10 "legal"RKC pull ups with body weight. I HATE these things! They are my weakness and have been all my life. I need to improve. It's MY fault!

Get 45-50 24kg snatches in a row to get closer to the 56 I need for my RKC instructor challenge in 2009!

I eat pretty well already, but I will do a better job limiting portions. Sometimes I eat more than I need to eat. Thanksgiving dinner will NOT be part of this goal! :o)

snowatc said...

My goals:

-Achieve an 18 on the functional movement screen
-Work on RNT exercises 3x per week
-100% attendance at kettlebell bootcamp until Thanksgiving
-Full circuit of kettlebell swings with 24kg
-10 Unassisted pullups with perfect technique
-balance out turkish get ups (my R side is better than my L)

5-6 meals a day, majority of carbs in morning breakfast and pre and post workout
-at least 25 g of protein in every meal
-eat way more vegetables
-drink my protein shake at night 6 out of 7 days of the week

Faizal S. Enu said...


Great idea -- I know that ISSA actually recommends NOT asking detrained individuals "what are your goals?", since they always say lose weight and you get these idiotic trainers to put their clients on "wire-your-mouth-shut"/"death march" type program, and the client is not better than when they started.

Let me think about the goals for a little. I will enjoy putting myself out there!

MKSchinabeck RKC said...

My goals are the following:

220 snatches in the SSST
80 sets 16kg 15:15 VO2 Max (8 reps)
Press the 40kg


Hillary said...

I am really looking forward to these 9 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving...I just have to stay focused! These are my goals:

*complete one full turkish get-up on each side (this includes getting up with the weight OVER my head)
*complete at least two rounds of "spider monkeys" (I have only attempted this once, but was unable to make it through the first round)

Continue following precision nutrition daily and only eating off plan one meal weekly (I am currently doing this, but found I usually get distracted and not as committed about 3-4 weeks in -- i.e. I had TWO cheat nights this weekend)...MUST STAY FOCUSED! I have also decided to be open to trying other eating plans and not getting so stuck in "my routine"

Looking forward to being leaner and stronger on Thanksgiving Day!

keith said...

I did not have any thoughts to putting my goals on hear. Then I read you email about the people that were unsubscribing. I decided to make a goal of my own. Even though I have less than 9 weeks now.


I want to finish the providence work out with a 16k kettlebell. I usually get tired half way and now i got to push myself harder. also start moving up to 20k.


Well I got to put a goal hear. So lets just say no more beer for these weeks. ( i love my dark, double fermented German lagers)

Cut back back on the junk food and empty calories and carbs.