Sunday, November 9, 2008

Extra session

I am still feeling a little "out of whack", presumably from the jet lag. Went ot the shed to work on ....whatever I felt like.

60d nail bend, Slim style (double overhand at chest level)
BUP 40kg attempt-about half way up on several attempts.
BW pullup a double & 3 singles
blue nail, reverse grip
BUP 32kg-a couple of solid singles on the left (PR) and a few doubles on the right.
16kg pullup attempt. Eye level.
Blue nail, Slim style.
BUP 28kg- ladder 1/1,2/2,2/3....1/1,2/2,2/3- Lowering on the left is crapping out on the 3rd rep.
12kg pullup-1 single, a few that were eye/nose level
A few iso-pull on my duct taped phone book.
1 book tear
BW pullup x 3 singles

16kg VO2 max :15:15 x 10 sets of 9 reps. My conditioning is feeling a little down today.


P. J. said...

Good work on the PU, you should be hitting your goal. How's the WD going, inches, body comp?

Iron Tamer said...

I am holding steady on weight in the low 260s, i haven't got accurate bodycomp.

Pants are definitely looser.

BJ Bliffert, RKC Level II said...

Blue Nail with a reverse grip, nice.