Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Warrior Diet

So 16 days in I am tipping the scale at 269 (down from 274 on day Zero). Strength is good, pressing, pullups and destroying phonebooks, steel, etc. are all progressing. Shorts are getting loose.

I have settled into the "groove" of this warrior diet thing MUCH easier than I expected. I understand the "mental crispness" of the undereating phase that I have heard and read so much about. Food choices for the big meal have ranged from very clean (steak, eggs, salad, yogurt w/fruit, nuts, peanut butter, steamed veggie) to not-so-clean (wedding cake, a couple of fast food burgers, fries, frozen custard). I drank some light beer at the wedding on Saturday too. Utterly disgusting. I prefer beer that I cannot see through. I have had wine a few evenings as well. Dark, red, dry. We returned from southeast Missouri last night with a cooler full of farm-raised beef from my in laws. Meat is good food.

Today I met Mandy for lunch as it is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I had a Ceasar salad and a little gumbo. Tonight we'll make pizza and drink some wine.

Training today: 20 minutes of continuous snatching with 16kg, switching hands every minute, 20 rep per minute pace except at 12:00-16:00, where I sped up to 26 reps per minute.
My new Heart Rate monitor says I averaged 154 for 22:00 (include a little walking around after the set) which is 84.6% of my Max HR. I have been inspired by Marty Gallagher's Purposeful Primitive in this respect as well.
Strength work today was phonebooks, I finally got a corner tear on Nashville Yellow Pages. Youtube will be up soon.


Phil Scarito said...


I got to eat with Big Will the other day and we had, raw vegies, cooked vegies, some chicken(Will had tuna) and finished with some apples and cheese. I'm at 150 not sure if I want to loose more weight,but I dig the warrior diet. it just makes sense. To see the progress Will and yourself are making, its hard not to jump on. Keep it up bro.

Phil Scarito

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Happy Anniversary, Brother!! Best wishes for decades more to the 2 of you.

Kettlebell Instructor 0311 said...

Nice work DW. I think that beer you can see through should be used to clean a toilet, unless it is from Europe. Stella, Spaten, and Henninger are all good.

So will you take that 5 pounds and run with it? I certainly believe you will. I received your voice-mail on Sunday, and I was at work. No excuse to not have gotten back to you, but again, I get no cellular service at my house, and can only text and email. I would love to theorize about the diet with you. And I have another discovery which is helping me get better at this: One sick cup of tar/mud/oil/coffee upon waking, and then tea the rest of the day. Pavel does something similar, and he also uses hot water with lemon. I can't drink coffee all day and expect to feel good. I add cream and no sugar, but still, to keep the insulin levels down and the Mojo HIGH, I figured that tea in place of kafe would make me feel better. At least by comparison.

back to the shed???


Iron Tamer said...

Yes WW, back to the shed....