Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Triple Skillet Roll

My first attempt at the 3-in-1 roll up, in front of probably 150 people at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp Friday night social.

There was no beer available, all they had was Budweiser, so I had to say "Hold my wine and watch this".

I learned this from Dennis Rogers. You can too, if you click HERE.


Elliott said...

Great stuff Ironman!!!

outcast said...

Dude your guard must be insane, remind me never to go for the takedown on you.

and TIC Brother!

P. J. said...

Very impressive as usual. I like how you equate Budweiser to "no beer" available.

Iron Tamer said...

Thanks elliott.

Outcast-My grappling sucks, that's why I carry a knife ;)

Right on PJ. If you can see thru it, it ain't beer.

Frank said...

Nice work, Dave!