Friday, September 26, 2008

Still a few spots left.

For my final US kettlebell workshop of the year, in Nashville TN on Oct. 18th 2008.
We'll be covering the RKC basics and I'll answer any specific questions that come up as well.
Nashville workshops = less travel expense for me so they are always a little lower in price.....
You can sign up here.


Scott Banks ( A.K.A. Ginko san) said...

Mr. Whitley I just finished watching your instructional videos on
I must say you make it look very easy.
I live in Okinawa Japan and have started a kettlebell club. I did this because there isn't a RKC out here. The closest RKC in in Tokyo, Matsushita-sensei. He has been a great help with his guidence in trying to help pass my RKC coming up in Feb 09'.
I willpass and I represent RKC in the possible way.
I have started to ramble, I just wanted to say thank you. You videos have inspired me to work that much more harder.

Scott Banks
O.K.C. (okinawa Kettlebell club)

Iron Tamer said...

Thanks Scott. Can you make it to Tokyo on Nov 1-2 for my workshops there?