Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Body Power DVD

The planned launch date for the Full Body Power DVD is next Tuesday, June 3rd.

As the time to launch approaches, I want to go ahead and answer a few questions that have come up about it.

What the Full Body Power DVD is NOT:

  • A repackaging of the same old double kettlebell drills that you have already seen pretending to provide a new solution to a different training problem.
  • A massive encyclopedia of “filler” exercises that serve no purpose other than to increase the running time of the DVD.
  • A follow-along kettlebell workout ( If that’s what you are looking for, go to
  • An entry-level explanation of the swing, clean, press and snatch (That is all covered in Enter the Kettlebell)

What the Full Body Power DVD IS:

  • A clearly explained progression of intermediate to advanced exercises, so that you can develop your skill and strength over time.
  • A detailed description of the windmill, Turkish getup and Bent Press.
  • A starting point for you to use your imagination in developing your own unique expression of strength, using kettlebells.
  • Logical combinations of basic exercises that flow from one to the next.

Stay tuned......


Todd Pigram's Blog said...

Will your DVD be available on DD or your site?

Iron Tamer said...

Definately on my site. Don't know about DD yet, but probably.

Adam said...

Looking forward to its release Dave!

Kettlebell Instructor 0311 said...

Watched your highlight reel from DK 07 last night, truly motivating. More stupid human tricks for em? No thanks, but I will hold you beer and watch.


zevenesh said...

e mail me your address brother, for your gift :)