Saturday, November 10, 2007

17 weeks

7-15-07 285lbs

11-09-07 263lbs

As promised, here are some progress pics.

When I put the pics side by side I see what has really been going on. For the first time I know with 100% certainty that I have total control over this fat-loss thing. FInally, I understand my body type, what I call the "Hard Loser", and finally I know exactly how to train, eat and think to get the result.

Thanks again to all who have sent email supporting and encouraging me. Keep watching, it will only get better.


Mark Toomey said...

Conrats, Dave, you're looking great. Thanks for having the courage to invite us along on this journey.

I would like a picture of you in a Viking helmet next time...

Iron Tamer said...

uhh...this ain't THAT kind of blog Mark.

Seriously, thanks for the kind words.

Aaron Friday said...

You look a lot happier in the second picture. Keep it up.

BJ Bliffert said...

Nice work David. Great progress!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Since when did you becomre senior instructor? Did I miss it?

Iron Tamer said...

Taikei, Pavel made the announcement today. Jeff O'Conner and Geoff Nuepert are also SrRKC now.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice Job! That must feel great!

Congrats on becoming a Senior RKC!

Rock on man!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, David! Looks like you're having a rocking couple of weeks. Good to see the pics and your progress--reminds me that you can commiserate more than I give you credit for sometimes. Look forward to seeing you this week.

Taikei Matsushita said...

I thought this would come not far in future.
I hope I get to see you some time. Sr RKC increases the possibility.

Fireman Tom said...


solid progress and congrats on the promotion. You have worked really hard on training with KBs and training your clients with KBs, and you are a pick no one can question.

Take care,


Iron Tamer said...

Thanks everyone.