Sunday, August 12, 2007

Danish VO2 workout

24kg Snatch
8 reps per set
:15 work / :15 rest
40 sets
320 reps total in 19:45

I don't know that I can go any faster on this and stay clean.

8 reps per set is 32 per minute, that is fast. I was COOKED at the end of 40 sets, and the last 4 took all i had in me mentally to get today. Of course it is 102 degrees F and about 60% humidity here, and that takes a toll.

Working up to 50 sets? I dunno....that is pretty daunting to me this minute. I need to eat.


Taikei Matsushita said...

I just wonder how you got the idea of doing 40 sets !!

32 reps per min with 24kg is also my fastest but I don't think I can constantly do this.

Mark Reifkind said...


well done man. I think that 8 reps IS the fastest you can do this and stay clean,and that aint easy.I am fine up to 40 sets and then the next ten ARE KILLER. I wave the sets from 40-50 as well as the reps from 7-8.
I know it will kill you but you might use the 20kg for some days.

takei, the 40-50 sets is from Kenneth jays protocol for raising max o2 uptake.

Doug said...

Nice work Dave, That workout is tough. How goes the diet?

BJ Bliffert said...

Nice work Dave, 40 sets in 102 degrees, eh? My parents just came back from a trip to Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN and they said it very hot all week.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! great work... I agree with Rif that you might wanna switch to the 20kg once in a while to get more speed... It should be possible for you to reach more than 32reps/min. with the 24kg while staying clean... Personally I have gone 38 reps (and Tommy has gone 36 I believe) for 1 all out minute which should 9-10 reps per 15sec in the VO2 protocol...

Iron Tamer said...

KJ-I don't have a 20kg. I ewasn't clear, I can go faster, but like what you describe, it is short lived. To go the entire distance at 10reps/15 sec w/24 is a little beyond me right now.

Iron Tamer said...

BJ-104 degrees, but who's counting?

Iron Tamer said...

Doug, I hit 272 this am. It rocks. I am gonna get skinny-strong!