Tuesday, June 12, 2007


“Honor and glory are boons which cannot be granted by the pen, but must be earned by the spear”- Aristodemos, Gates of Fire

One of my favorite quotes ever came in the middle of an especially delightful section of training at the April 2007 RKC. RKC Team Leader Will Williams said, “So you wanna be an RKC?? I hope you see now that it’s more than just a snatch test for reps!”

So true. The right to be called RKC must be earned.

Those of us who teach at that course take it very seriously. It is more than a snatch test, definately more than paying some money and showing up.

It is also much more than a piece of paper.

A few days ago this appeared on ebay:

Notice it says "Russian Kettlebell ASSOCIATION".

Not RKC. Not Dragondoor or Pavel.

So, for $39.99, you too can have an Instructor Certificate from the Russian Kettlebell Association, whatever that is.

I googled it and there ain't such a thing.

Just for the record, a legitimate RKC Instructor Certificate looks nothing like that, despite the almost-copyright-infringment -but-not-quite picture of the double headed eagle.

From the same seller you can also get a Martial Arts Weapon Master - Ninja- Black Belt certificate. I am not making this up. I wish I was.

The RKC is a School of Strength and a School of Thought. It is a Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) of Iron. We strive to be the gold standard of instruction, integrity and professionalism.

You can't buy that on eBay.


Mark Reifkind said...

so true, David. It has to be earned and cannot be bought, that is for sure.

BJ Bliffert said...

Well said, my friend. I have let all my other certs lapse because they did nothing for their members. I was a number among numbers.

The RKC is a community and until you man-up and go through the weekend, you can't understand it.

It's much more than a certificate in a pretty frame.

Christine Petty said...

Wow, what a sick sad world that someone would do that. I wonder if you could find out if anyone bought one.

Lauren said...

Hey Dave,

I can't believe you found that on ebay! That is pretty sad that people would do that.

Well said about RKC being more than a snatch test. It's definitely much more intense and life changing than that!

Hope things have been going well for you!



Kettlebell Trainer 0311 said...

David! You found me out! My mom bought me a scanner for Christmas and well I just had to start "scamming". I want to be an RKA, darnitall! Sick, Sad Little World pt. III, Return of the Haters.
And yes, Kenneth and I were tryign to kill you with Guiness and Vodka.

Dustin Silveri said...

I saw that too.... as the paper anything is on anymore means anything...

Royce said...

David there is a local swap meet by my house, for years there was a booth that sold "black belt courses" with these guys dressed in Gis and black belts. All crisp and clean, not a faded color or worn sleeve or anything. There always used to be a line at their booth. Very sad.