Saturday, December 6, 2008

Practice, patience, repetition.

I was having a discussion with a client yesterday about snatching, ripped calluses, etc.
I told him that I haven't torn my hands up in years (I literally do not remember the last time) from snatching.

The explanation: by doing literally tens of thousands of kettlebell snatches, I arrived at point of unconscious competence. I can do it absolutely correctly, every single rep, without thinking about it. If you have to think about it, you still haven't completely absorbed it, made it a [I]part[I] of you.

The beginning point: you first try to figure out what to do, then try to perform it.

The ending point: you have done it so much that to explain it requires that you stop and figure it out.

Paraphrasing Bruce Lee-After a while, you don't snatch, it snatches all by itself.


Tytbody said...

you always come at me at the right time. What is that they call it Kissmet or something?

Max Shank said...

Great post. I think most people think practice and only think of the grinds. Then they go all out snatching. We need to recognize (myself included) that even the ballistic lifts need to be practiced and not just trained to exhaustion.

Peter said...

Hello, David:

It was a beautiful day in Colorado Springs today (58 degrees after a low of 5 day before yesterday).

So, I took my 28 out on the sidewalk that fronts my hovel for some swing-time before the altar of sun-soaked Pikes Peak.

After snapping off a nice 10L + 10R, I thought: "what if I took off my Puma Salons and did some swings barefoot a la RKC in Los Angeles?"

So, acting on the impulse, I jerked those suckers off before my GymBoss beeped me, re-rooted by stomping the concrete hard a couple of times, and proceeded to get my most rewarding swing "practice" of all time!

The "simpexity" of our Hardstyle paradigm of strength will never cease to amaze this poor practitioner.

Just by heating the feet, the 28 felt like it was the 24.

Still learning, as I remain ever curious.

Thank you for your leadership and example, Mr. Whitley.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful wisdom and insight as usual. Looking mighty slim in the video below, BTW. :)