Monday, August 18, 2008

A new dietary experiment.

Several years ago when I began lifting kettlebells I was also introduced to Ori Hofmekler's Warrior Diet. The general concept is undereat during the day, overeat in one big meal at night and stick to natural/organic sources of food. I never really paid much attention to it primarily because the idea of not eating during the day didn't appeal to me and I had always had success with frequent-feeding programs such as Precision Nutrition.

Recently, after spending a good deal of time combing through the vast amount of information in Marty Gallgher's new book The Purposeful Primitive the Warrior Diet started to make a lot more sense to me. Then I spent some time with several of my RKC colleagues who swear by it at the CK-FMS workshop.

I often treat my own training as a laboratory of sorts, testing things on myself, then on clients. Most recently I did this with a modified version of Alwyn Cosgrove's Warp Speed Fat Loss and dug the results.

Anyway, the next experiment for me: The Warrior Diet. I am comitting to 100 days of it, beginning today, August 18th. To measure compliance, I'll use the 90% rule of Precision Nutrition, which means that I'll have 90 out of 100 days of compliance to the WD guidelines, minimum, since there is only 1 main meal each day.

I am excited to give it a go and will be posting updates as I go along.


Todd Pigram said...


Good luck with your endeavor. I started the WD in Feb and will never go back to eating the way i did when i was doing BB back in the late 80's. My only suggestion, don't monitor the scale, just the fat loss. I have gone down 3 pant sizes since i started in Feb.

You are going to love the freedom!

mc said...

When did you stop doing PN, Dave?
You seemed to have made good progress on it.
Do you think this will be a faster way to your goals?

with interest,


Stephen Gurtowski said...

I've been using the WD and/or my own twist on it for over 3 years, but I let some "bad" foods slip into my diet. After reading The Purposeful Primitive I renewed my commitment to the WD and I've already seen a loss of bodyfat in a few weeks.

I too like the diet for the freedom in brings to the day, and that was my initial reason for trying it. Good luck, Dave. I'll be interested in what you think.


Iron Tamer said...

Thanks guys.

MC-see my most recent post

Nikki Shlosser, RKC said...

You guys all amaze me with your nutrition discipline. WD, PN, whatever.

My diet is mostly: subway, bananas, bran muffins, salami, dried apricots, cheese, spaghetti, raspberries, and dark chocolate.

...and wine and Guinness.

Where are the veggies, you ask?
Well I did buy some snap peas the other day. Haven't opened them yet...

mc said...

thanks. good luck on your mission, sir.


Bob Garon II said...

I've been on the WD since Feb. and absolutely love it. I have never felt better and continue to progress. It is a life changing way of eating that dates back thousands of years anyway so why not get back to our roots. :)

I also incorporate Michael Pollan's principles in his book In Defense of Food. It's a great eye opening read and something I know you'll enjoy. I recommend it to accompany the WD.

Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...

The first two weeks are tough after that life is all good. I have used the WD for almost 6 years now with only a short time off to bulk up for a strong man contest in 2005.