Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow, what a weekend!

In cold Minnesota town several dozen people rose to the challenge, pushed themselves thru and joined the ranks of the RKC School of Strength.

Congrats to all and a HUGE thank you to everyone on Team Whitley for making my first Sr. RKC teaching experience so memorable. Hardstyle!

Extra-special congrats to my friend Sara Cheatham for her promotion to Senior RKC instructor!

Click here to see a pic of Sara and me.


Anonymous said...

Here's our next stunt:

Amy said...

Com. Hardstyle,

I will redeem myself in the pushup department. I will test myself on Monday and report how many military style pushups I can do. If I don't make 10, you can fly to IA and kick me when I'm down again. I'll really deserve it then!!

Dustin Rippetoe said...

Thank you, sir! I can't wait to visit with you again...and we will! Did everyone see BJ's youtube Video of the Grad WO. (Thank God, they cut my antics at the end out!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOeyrV_gq8A&eurl=http://www.bjbliffert.blogspot.com/

Franz Snideman said...

Nice pic of you bent pressing Sara! I remember when you did the same with Yoana...impressive brother!

Glad your first Sr. RKC stint was a success!

Aaron Friday said...

Watch out. If Dave gets any stronger, he will need to start pressing guys, and that will be creepy.