Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers destroying Steel.

I joined Dennis Old Time Strongman University last month and have already bent a horeshoe and can rip a full deck of cards.

Wanna learn to this kind of stuff? Click HERE.


Franklin B. Herman said...

David, if I recall you already have monstrous hand strength being able to close the COC#3. Is this type of hand strength a pre-requisite to achieve decent bending results of the kind you are learning from Dennis Rogers?

I ask as it took me over six months to close the COC#1 for singles and the COC#2 seems hopeless.

Iron Tamer said...

No prerequisite for strength, but you have to work to achieve anything.You can start where you are and improve. Cards are coming very easily for me, phonebooks for some reason have been slower.

Also noteworthy:All #3's are not created equal. I have 2 in my house right now, one that belongs to either Pavel or Brett jones that is "easy" for a #3,and my own which Brett described as a "brick". I have never closed it.

Keep up the good work!