Tuesday, March 4, 2008

1000 32kg swings in 54 minutes

Last week Rif posted on the Dragon Door forum that Tracy did 1000 swings with a 24kg kettlebell in 50:00.

Inspired, I decided (on an off day) to do 1000 32kg kettlebell swings (100 sets of 10) on Saturday.

I set Gymboss to :15/:15 and off I went. This allowed for 10 swings with a 15 sec rest, or 20 swings per minute, the same scheme that Tracy used with a 24kg.

I can honestly say that it was more mind-numbingly, painfully boring than GS training.

I had some Gollum-style inner dialouge going between my split personality of Lazy Dave & IRONTAMER.

LD: We got 400. That's more than just about anybody would do. It's supposed to be an off day.

IT: We promised ourself that we'd do 1000.

swing, swing, swing, swing....BEEP!

LD: You got 500, that's good enough. Let's go get a beer.

IT: NO! We said we were gonna do 1000.

LD: Yeah, but we know we can get it, so why bother?

IT: Because we said we would.

swing, swing, swing, swing....BEEP!

LD: It's getting dark.

IT: We must finish.

LD: 800 is enough, that's more than Foxy Bill did.

IT: Maybe your right....NO! Stop your trickeries!

swing, swing, swing, swing....BEEP!

LD: 900 is enough....we have nothin to prove.

IT: If we quit then we lie to ourself.

I had to psych myself into finishing. It was tough physically, but that absolute worst part was mental. I had to take a couple of breaks at 800 and 900, primarily because of grip fatigue.

Felt a little sore and drained on Sunday and Monday. Today, I am back to full power.


BJ Bliffert said...

Nice work Dave. That's crazy volume!

Sean Schniederjan said...

in a way, i think 2h swings are harder the 1h because my hands are too big for the pinkies to grip the bell so i end up just using the middle three fingers. i would guess that's the same with your hands... which makes that feat even more impressive

Mark Reifkind said...

agreed! great work( as usual) and funny post as well.

Amy said...

It sounds like you have a love/hate relationship with your Gymboss timer too! The beep beep is like an evil taunt. Your inner dialogue transcript was hilarious! But, it also shows how KB training makes not only your body strong, but your mind and spirit as well. You have to overcome more than just the physical to triumph over the bell!

Amy Jurrens

Kettlebell Hungary said...

Hi Dave,

I did the 1000 reps / 32kg / 54 min. It is brutal. Please, for some time dont make things like this...:)

Peter Lakatos, RKC