Thursday, July 10, 2008

bottoms up flip, catch and press

Demonstrated are some key RKC principals:
-Tension from the catch until the end

-Irradiation- EVERYTHING is tight and steady or the whole thing falls.

-Packing the shoulder/engaging the lat in the press.

The point is the flashy, the new & shiny, the "hold my beer" feats MUST be rooted on the basic principals, if not, then it ain't RKC


P. J. said...

wow that is crazy, definitely "hold my beer" material. All you need now is a midget and monkey.

Looking svelte these days man.

Aaron Friday said...

That was pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


What weights are those?

Atlanta, GA

Iron Tamer said...

16kg on the bottom, 12kg on the top.

Congrats on your RKC,BTW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It was an awesome 3 days. I learned a lot about kettlebells and myself!

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello So CooL !!